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Providing athletes of all ages and skill levels the ability to play the sports they love in a positive and safe athletic environment.”

Momentous Sports Center is Orange County’s pre-eminent sports destination, period. Boasting over $1,000,000 of low-impact Haro wood floors, our facility features 22 indoor volleyball courts, 21 indoor basketball courts, and 21 indoor futsal courts that are also home to world-class leagues and clubs for athletes of all ages who play volleyball, basketball and futsal. For the first time ever in Orange County, the Momentous Sports Center will provide athletes the ability to consistently practice on the same day(s) of the week, at the same time, on the same court, year-round.

Parents, our facility is not just a place for kids. Directly across from a Pro-Shop sporting the latest in athletic apparel sits the facility’s full-service, million dollar restaurant where up to 400 visitors can escape the noise, relax and watch television on any of the space’s 8 high-definition TV’s. Additionally, whether courtside, in the restaurant, or anywhere else in the facility, visitors will also be able to plug into high-speed WIFI from their phone, tablet, or laptop to browse the internet, place a wireless food order with the restaurant, or catch up on work.

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